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Travel Tips From the BMC Team

| July 13, 2023

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We are constantly discussing what it takes to meet our long-term financial goals with clients. However, we also discuss how important it is to live, today, finding our own balance between our future needs and our current needs. To be sure, travel budgets are a worthy goal! 

With summer upon us, we’d like to give a nod to living in the moment and share some of our team’s personal travel tips. We hope you can leverage some of the below tips for your own personal travels sometime soon!


Ryan was born and raised on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Here is Ryan’s take on traveling to his home island:


Joe’s Dad was raised in Lake Chelan and he spent nearly every summer and many winters there, before it became the destination it has become today. Here is his take on his home away from home:
  • Get breakfast at the Apple Cup (my grandma Ellen Yetter used to wait tables there in the late 1950’s).
  • Enjoy some wine and good pizza at Siren Song, along the south shore. Tell the owners,  Kevin and Holly “Hi” for me. They are great people.
  • Get a couple frames in at Chelan Lanes, the local bowling alley. One of my favorites, when you need a break from the sun and water.
  • Definitely get out on the crystal clear water and if you have a full day, take a boat or the Lady of the Lake up to Stehekin at the head of the lake!! It’s only accessible by boat, seaplane or hiking from Highway 20. 
  • Go to Slidwaters on a three day weekend, or any weekend, if you can avoid it. But, DO go any other time and make sure to check out the surf wave pool, its fantastic.
  • Forget the following: swimsuit, sunscreen, floaties and your smile… you’ll need all of them.


Luke hails from Minnesota. For anyone who dares to adventure to the midwest, check out his tips.
  • Go during Spring or Fall.
  • Take an excursion to Lake Superior’s north shore. Drive Highway 61 especially in early October when the fall colors peak. Stay HERE. Eat HERE. Go to Lutsen Mountains for alpine sliding, gondola rides and some golf. And if you are into hiking be sure to check out the Temperance River!
  • Make small talk with everyone you encounter (it won’t be hard, and potentially unavoidable).
  • Go during winter (it’s COLD! Luckily there are a lot of sky bridges to move around but you’ll be stuck inside).
  • Go during mid summer (the state bird is the mosquito for a reason! Bring a dehumidifier).
  • Be a Green Bay Packers fan! (or even mention them)
In Minneapolis
  • Stay HERE
  • Check out Nicolet Mall (it’s a walking street downtown) with great restaurants and bars
  • Hit a rooftop restaurant/bar. Brit’s Pub is a go to for a pint and some bocce ball HERE. Or, if its chilly out then eat under the glass dome at Union HERE.
  • Grab a ball game at Target Field. The Twins (Minnie and Paul) don’t always win but the people really love this ball team and will welcome you with more friendly conversation than you may want! The Budweiser multi tiered bar in left field is worth a visit.
  • If you are into Museums, don’t miss the Weisman Art Museum at the U of M. Designed by Frank Gehry it’s a sight to see (think giant fancy ball of Reynold’s wrap). Another great bet is the Walker Art Center and adjacent Sculpture Gardens. (you may have seen an image of a giant spoon and cherry set in front of a skyline and wondered where it’s located?)
In St. Paul
  • Check out Rice Park and snap a selfie in front of the Landmark Center (if it’s hockey season cheer on the Wild next door!)
  • Stay HERE.
  • If you have kids in tow check out the Science Museum of Minnesota
  • Go to the Gopher Bar and get a coney dog!


Jonny is from West Seattle, but loves to get his road trips in. Here are his quick blurb on road-trips:

Summer travel plans can always be a little hectic and stressful. Sometimes it’s easiest to go on a road trip and explore! My wife and I have been a few road trips over the years and have a learned a few things

  • Download offline maps ahead of time! This will help from getting lost around those country roads with little to no signage, and to prevent that question most men dislike “Why don’t you ask for directions?” (I’m 100% guilty of this.)
  • Bring a camera! There’s something nostalgic about using a camera and not our phones.
  • Scope out good coffee shops/lunch spots on your route. We all need to refuel on a long road trip. We always love checking out local spots, meeting folks, and spending some time exploring around!
  • Bring a yeti cooler to keep drinks cold, bring fun stuff home, and it can also double as a picnic basket.
  • Bring a sleeping bag, just in case plans change or you need to sleep in the car (see don’t #1). This also acts like a great picnic blanket for those impromptu spots you have to pull over and check out.
  • Arrive at your AirBnB on the coast of Southern Oregon at 12am with no flashlight only to find that your “Yurt” door has been left open and is home to 100’s of bugs.
  • Stress out and schedule too much. We’ve learned that keeping it simple is best and that a few things on the itinerary is all we need.
  • Drive 14 hours straight back home (thank you California wildfires..). It’s okay to stop in Southern Oregon to get some shut-eye (just don’t stay at the buggy Yurt!)


Nicole is originally from San Diego and has great recommendations when you visit her hometown.
  • If you would like a unique stay at the beach, I recommend Crystal Pier & Cottages. The cottages span the entire pier so you can fall asleep to the sound of the ocean.
  • Get a breakfast burrito at Kono’s Café  in Pacific Beach. They have great outdoor seating right on the beach. Another great option for breakfast is The Mission Café. They have three locations and are all in great neighborhoods.  
  • Go to the San Diego Zoo. This is named the world-famous zoo for a reason. Plan on spending a full day here as the park is 100 acres in size.
  • Go to dinner at Campfire in Carlsbad. Carlsbad is north of San Diego but still worth checking out.
  • Check out the seals at the La Jolla children’s pool. This famous and controversial man-made beach is now home to seals and sea-lions.
  • Go to a Charger’s game. They don’t play there anymore but you can catch a Padre’s game, the stadium is in the heart of downtown and worth seeing.
  • Underestimate the traffic. If you plan on having a car while visiting, make sure you download a directions app like Waze.
  • Get too close to the seals and sea lions. While these animals are somewhat used to humans watching them, they can get aggressive if you do.
  • Forget to visit Balboa Park. This large attraction spans 1200 acres of gardens and historical spots. It is also home to multiple museums and the San Diego Zoo.


Carly is our summer intern and had a chance to visit New York, NY before starting with us. Here are her Do’s and Don’ts. 

In early May, I traveled to New York City. It was my first time experiencing the city in spring and it took my breath away. The weather was perfect, complemented by the stunning green foliage that filled the city. In the usual hustle and bustle, this place will always bring inspiring and magical energy.

  • Go during the spring. It is not too hot and not too cold which makes it easy and doable to walk around the city.
  • Go to fun restaurants in neighborhood parts of the city. You never know what celebrities you will find there! Two I recommend (and were recommended from a local New York friend) are The Little Owl, and Waverly Inn.
  • Don’t always get around the city by wheels (taxi/uber/subway, etc.) Walk as much as possible, even if it’s far. My mom and I walked up the city in sight of a destination, but along the way experienced so much. We stumbled across a sample sale, a fun coffee shop, saw so many cute places and discovered so much more by exploring the city by foot.