Bear Mountain Capital Inc.

You’re not just getting a financial adviser. You’re getting a whole ecosystem.

Helping our clients goes well beyond financial planning and portfolio management. We know that you’re busy people and need help solving real problems quickly. To do this, we focus on the following three elements to ensure you get the comprehensive advice you deserve:

Professional Network

As our clients’needs are broad and varied, we work hard to develop relationships with professionals of all stripes whether they live in Seattle, San Francisco, or Honolulu. Our network of estate planning attorneys, business attorneys, certified public accountants, insurance providers, real estate professionals and even senior care consultants ensure we can quickly identify ways to help you. Our goal is to add value by connecting you with people who can provide the necessary expertise. It only makes sense.

Innovative Technology

We believe technology can provide significant value, if thoughtfully leveraged. Technology changes continuously. We seek to find the balance between leading-edge technology and its effectiveness in helping you meet your day-to-day needs. Our online portfolio performance and financial planning tools give you insights into your financial life, from the nitty-gritty daily details of how the markets are affecting your investments to how your savings habits are helping you reach your long-term goals. In addition to performance and planning tools, our investment in technology allows for better trading and rebalancing, electronic funds transfer, and electronic signatures for account documentation. All of this is designed to help save you time, which we know equals money.

Consistent Communication

There are few problems in the world that can’t be solved with better communication. After our initial engagement, we strive to connect with you each quarter. We find the more proactive we are in reaching out to you, the more confident and less anxiety you’ll experience about your financial life. In addition to our quarterly updates, you’ll receive market updates and commentary through our social media platforms Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter; as well as deeper insights via our View 360 blog.

Now What?

At this point, if you’ve done your homework and read through our three phases, you should know what to do. You should call or e-mail us to set up a time to talk. We’ll start you off on a new journey in your financial life.