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Wish you could tell your financial stress to take a hike?

Seriously, if it were only that easy. You do the hiking. Well take care of the stress part. But if you need a guide for the hiking part, were into that, too.

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“Sleepless in Seattle”is not our motto. Our planning process helps answer those nagging questions keeping you up.

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Your investment portfolio should be built around your long-term plan. It’s hard to invest if you don’t know what you are trying to achieve.

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We aren’t experts in everything. But we make friends with people who are. Your financial life requires a team. Let us help you build it.

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Slavery and It’s Everlasting Effects on Economic and Racial Inequality

In February of 1968, Harry Belafonte, host of the Tonight Show on NBC, had Martin Luther King Jr. on as a guest. Below is a clip of Martin Luther King Jr. responding to a question from his host and the following quote: “The economic problem is probably the most serious problem confronting the Negro community, and, I might say, the most serious problem confronting poor people generally”. It’s no secret…

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Canyon Creek

Canyon Creek Investment Fund

Compelling investment opportunities are not easy to find. Weve done some looking. You might like what weve found.

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