Bear Mountain Capital Inc.

What nature does for your soul, we’ll do for your finances.

As we move through life, things tend to get more complicated. Our relationships, careers, finances all evolve into many moving parts. Often, after nailing down one part of life, another part can unexpectedly fall into disrepair.

When it comes to the financial part of our lives, it can get messy quick. We spend countless hours worrying. Questions crop up : Are we saving enough? Are we being smart about taxes? Are our investments well-managed? Do we have enough insurance? How should we think about our debt and loan commitments?

Our approach at Bear Mountain Capital breaks out into three phases: financial planning, investment management and comprehensive advice. These three phases cover all aspects of your financial life and help provide the clarity you need to feel at peace with your situation.

Working through the above issues is not rocket science. However, it does require time. We all know how precious a commodity time is. We spend our time helping you reclaim some of yours.