Bear Mountain Capital Inc.


We believe that sustainable investing (or ESG investing – environmental, social and governance) has evolved to allow us to simultaneously meet our clients’ goals while making them feel good about the impact their money has on the world around them. ESG investing fits right in with our current investment philosophy. We have selected certain asset classes to make ESG investments, allowing us to maintain our long-term approach and appropriate risk exposure for our client’s portfolios.

Investments focused on sustainable investing will include one, two or all three of the categories below:


Investing with the environment in mind, means taking into considerations the impact companies have on climate change, biodiversity, carbon intensity, water and energy efficiency. Our ESG funds take these factors into consideration when screening investments. The end result is a portfolio that works to reduce the oil/carbon-heavy footprint of its investments.


Having a social conscience, while investing, includes considering the following factors: equal opportunities, freedom of association, health and safety, human rights, responsibilities to consumers and of course child labor. Some of the parameters of our funds limit exposure to companies that manufacture and sell civilian firearms. Others screens eliminate exposure to the tobacco or gambling industries.


Good corporate governance is critical to the sustainable investing ethos. Governance includes business ethics, compliance, board independence, executive compensation, leadership diversity and shareholder democracy. Our ESG portfolio looks to promote companies that work hard to meet the above objectives and limit exposure to those companies with little regard for their corporate responsibility.