Bear Mountain Capital Inc.

Do You Need A Tax Advisor?

| June 3, 2024

  Recently, we had an opportunity to do a question and answer session with one of our valued tax partners, RAC CPA Group, PLLC. RAC CPA is run by Josef Dassler and Paul Saxton with offices located downtown, Seattle. We took the time to ask the questions that we thought would help our clients understand what is important when working with a tax partner and their outlook on the 2025…

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My Favorite 80/20 Relationships

| April 15, 2024

You’ve likely heard of the 80/20 rule before; if you haven’t, prepare to have your mind blown … (just kidding). The 80/20 rule, aka the Pareto Principle, is a phenomenon which states that roughly 80% of results come from just 20% of inputs. Using the 80/20 rule as a framework for decision making can help you focus your limited resources on actions that are the most impactful. When it comes…

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Financial Anxiety and Family

| February 4, 2024

For many parents, when it comes to thinking about money and kids, there are so many questions to think about. How do I raise my kid without spoiling them?  What is a fair allowance? Do I pay them for chores/grades? Do I pay for private school? Do I pay for their college? How do I give them the best chance at success in life? Should I leave them an inheritance?…

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