Bear Mountain Capital Inc.

Key Technology Partners

| September 23, 2010


When I started this company last year, I carefully evaluated the custodians and software vendors that I thought would add the most value to my clients experience.  Fidelity stood out amongst the custodians as the most service oriented, cost-efficient, flexible and technologically oriented partner I could find.  It was an easy choice.

The performance and portfolio management solutions I was looking for, was a more difficult search, until I discovered Black Diamond.  Of the 6 different platforms in portfolio management and performance reporting space, only 1 seemed current in its use of technology, the web, and how the client would perceive the platforms usability.  I was astonished at how most of the platforms were 1, 2 or eve 3 generations behind in the technology they were offering as “turn-key” solutions.

Black Diamond, on the other hand, stood out head and shoulders above the rest.  They were the last group I reviewed, and although a steep investment, the most practical, with the best “value-add” solution on the market place.

That is why, as of this mornings announcement, I’m more then a little intrigued and excited that our custodian (Fidelity) has chosen to integrate completely with our portfolio management platform (Black Diamond) to provide even better functionality as a partnership, then they already currently provide.  Benefits to our firm and our clients will not be realized until 2011, but I think the future holds great things and I look forward to increasing our capabilities to deliver excellent service to our clients.

(Click here to read Black Diamond press release)