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Bill Gross and His November 2010 Investment Outlook

| November 2, 2010


Bill Gross manages over $250 billion in assets, through the Pimco’s Total Return strategy… His investment firm PIMCO is responsible for overseeing about $750 billion in investor funds.

His “Investment Outlook” for November 2010 is a very fitting piece, given today is election day. His outlook for this month starts with his view on the current political process, with no flattering words for either party. However, his real focus is on the Fed’s decision, due tomorrow, regarding the next wave of “Quantitative Easing”. Its telling that the one of the larger and more sophisticated investors in the fixed income markets is quite uncertain about the direction the Fed could be taking us on Wednesday.

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You will here many people predict the impact this action will have on the markets, Gross himself states its inflationary… but to what degree it will work or not work, is very unclear.