The Fed

By Joe Day

The Fed’s role in the recent financial crisis is unprecedented. While there is no doubt they staved off a true collapse of our financial system, there is also no doubt that they wield significant power over our capital markets that truly tests the principals of “free markets”. A few quotes from the article below are worth noting: ““The Federal Reserve… Read more

Federal Worker Pay Freeze Proposed

By Joe Day

Hopefully this is a start of several measures to reign in the deficit… and hopefully it gets bipartisan support. (Click here to read article)

The Trend: Recovery

By Joe Day

The trend toward further recovery continues… although, uncertainty on the Korean peninsula and the final details of Ireland’s bailout help to keep equities flat over two days of trading. (Click here to read article)

Small Business Activity

By Joe Day

It is this type of small business activity that will further drive the economy.  The next two quarters wills a lot about the strength of the current recovery, in terms of hiring activity and consumer confidence over the holiday season. (Click here to read article)

China’s Growing Appetite

By Joe Day

An interesting look at China’s influence in global deal making and the fear it stokes amongst purveyors of capitalism. The point at the end of the article “Show a Little Confidence” is poignant. I’ve said for a long-time that capitalism can be the tool that could erode communistic tendencies, within China itself. As… China adapts to the world, in order… Read more


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